Seeing your own doctor for your medical could cost £100 or more. But don’t worry, you can now easily book a local medical test for around £45 – £60 depending on where you live. Our dedicated team specialise in driving assessments and we can provide fast appointments for half the price. Call us today to book yours!

Booking a Medical For Your HGV Application In Sladen Green

The law requires HGV drivers to be in reasonably good health in order to legally operate commercial vehicles on public roads. To that end, every new driver must undergo an HGV medical exam with accompanying paperwork (D4) that is submitted to the DVLA by the physician who performs the examination. Drivers are required to undergo a new medical exam every time their licence comes up for renewal. It is the same exam whether you wish to drive a lorry or a bus. The most important fact to know is that a Doctor cannot assess whether you are fit to drive a commercial vehicle, they simply complete the form. The DVLA makes the decision on whether you are fit to drive.

We offer Group 2 (HGV, LGV, PCV, minibus and trailer) D4 medicals at all of our locations from the affordable price of £48.

Please note the following important information before you attend your appointment:

Remember to bring your form with you. A D4 form will be attached to your booking confirmation for you to print and bring along to the medical appointment. The form can also be downloaded from the DVLA website.

Bring a form of identification with you, such as your passport, driving licence or other photo I.D.

Please bring details of your current General Practitioner (GP), all medications you have been prescribed and any over the counter medications you may be taking.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses please bring these with you along with your latest prescription

Please be aware that we are not obliged to carry out the visual acuity test and it may not be possible for us to complete. If the doctor cannot conduct the vision assessment for any reason then you will be advised to go to an optician to have this completed separately, for which they may have their own charge. This is also explained in the DVLA leaflet accompanying the form.

The requirements for an HGV/LGV Licence is identical to that for PCV:  DVLA form must be completed and a medical examination must be passed when first applying for your HGV Licence at 18; then a further medical examination at age 45 and thereafter at 5 yearly intervals until reaching the age of 65 when annual medicals are required.

Any professional job requires a person to be fit and in good health. Therefore it should come as no surprise that to qualify as a professional HGV driver one must undergo a detailed medical examination. After undertaking specific training and acquiring the desired HGV licence, the UK government requires an HGV driver to take a detailed medical test at an approved clinic. It is considered safe to go onto the road only after an all clear has been given to the DVLA by the physician who performs the examination.

When going to a pre-booked appointment with a doctor, an HGV driver must take with him a D4 form, photographic identification and a recent prescription of eyesight glasses(if applicable).
The interval between having your medicals examination and applying for your Licence (or Licence renewal) must not exceed 3 months. The DVLA must be made aware of any changes to the health of an HGV / LGV Licence holder at any time. This may result in a requirement for a further examination being carried out depending upon individual circumstances.

In general HGV medicals for LGV C and LGV C1 drivers take place on average every 14 days at our
main training centre in Sladen Green SP11. Some HGV or LGV medical appointments are
held on a Saturday and other HGV and LGV assessments are arranged during the working week.

Save Time & Money with Your Complete D4 Medicals

To Complete a D4 medical form you need to be assessed by a doctor who will verify that you are fit to drive. Most GPs see you at a time which is convenient for them, then to charge you a fortune. This usually means that you have to take a day off and pay for the privilege.

At Sladen Green Driver Medical Centre we see things a little differently. We know that you want to:

    ✓ See a Doctor where and when it suits you
    ✓ Save as much money as you can on a D4 Medical
    ✓ Spend as little time possible being assessed

We are low-cost, local, competent & our experienced doctors will complete your medical when best for you.

Do I need an HGV medical?

This is a legal requirement for anybody wishing to drive a heavy goods vehicle. The medical will take up to 30 minutes to complete and costs £50.

What do I need for the appointment?

You will need to bring a D4 form with you to your appointment (which can be downloaded from the DVLA website) as well as photo ID such as a passport or driving licence with a photo. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you must also bring your most recent glasses prescription/optician’s report.

Where can I get the D2 form from?

D2 forms are available from the DVLA or alternatively, it can be picked up from your local post office. You will need to complete the D2 form yourself, whilst the doctor completes the medical section on the D4 form.

Simply book an appointment explaining you need a Group 2, DLM1 or HGV Medical, and bring the form with you to the appointment.  The examination can usually be completed in under 30 minutes. Please also bring a form of formal identification: passport or driver’s licence.

Every new HGV driver must take a HGV health exam along with the paper work that comes with it and submit it to the DVLA by the physician who carried out your test. Every time your HGV license comes up for renewal you will be required to complete another medical exam.

There are two parts to the HGV medicals, the first part is your interview where you will discuss your medical history and current issues (if any) to the physician carrying out your test. You must be honest and upfront with the physician about past and present issues. If you fail to be honest and something is discovered about any issues that you failed to mention, this could lead to consequences.

The second part of the medical is the actual examination itself where the physician tests you. Your vital signs will be checked along with your vision and many more important tests too. The duration of the test is roughly 30 minutes. The physician will be filling in the form for the DVLA as he/she carries out the test.

HGV and PCV drivers should have medicals throughout their careers:

   – First application of one’s provisional Category C1 (7.5t), C (rigid) or D1 (minibus), D (bus) licence
   – After you turn 45 you are required do another medical followed closely by one every five years after that
   – Whenever you turn 65 you will have to do a medical each year

To confirm an appointment, payment are going to be asked for at period of booking using a debit or bank card.

We are going to then send you confirmation of the time and location of the medical examination and instructions of what you should take to you towards the examination.

The physician will carry out the medical examination and complete the D4 form required by DVLA.  The Doctor will carry these forms in stock so there is no need certainly to bring your very own.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at HGV Steps.

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